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Could my excel workbooks be corrupted?


New Member
I've been working in several workbooks for the past couple of months with no problem. Then yesterday out of the blue I'm having problem every time I copy/past number from another sheet in the workbook or even from a workbook that I don't use very often, that it is always pasted in the Date Format, March 14, 2012. I've never had this happen before but it is very frustrating. I am attaching a file that shows a demonstration of it with more explanation.




Excel Ninja
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Has anybody else new accessed the files or updated there windows system ie: installed a new Windows version ?

Peter Bartholomew

Well-Known Member
Hi @cricket1001
The number format appears to be picked up from the 'normal' (default) style of your workbook.
If you modify the Style to return 'General' as its Number format, then all the dates in the workbook will revert to simple numbers.

If the problem extends to new workbooks then the change would need to be made on the default template workbook.
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Thanks for all your replies.
vletm - I haven't changed anything that I know of to have caused this.
Hui - I don't know of anyone changing anything but our IT dept does any updates or changes and we never know if anything has been done.
Peter Bartholomew - I'm sorry but I am confused on the styles. I highlighted a cell that has the problem with the date format and then clicked on "Cell Styles" in the ribbon. I didn't get the screen shot you showed. (I tried to take a snip of the screen shot of what showed but I can't figure out how to take a snip without the menu item closing before I can take the snip.)
zesid - What do you mean, change the date format? What cells do I change the date format on? I don't know what cells I might need for dates in the future. Are you and Peter Bartholomew talking about the same thing, for me to change the style for the cells? All the cells?

Thanks so much y'all!

Peter Bartholomew

Well-Known Member
If you do not apply a style, the default is Normal. Go to the Home tab and look at the styles; you will see a pale outline to the Normal style showing that it is active. Right click the style and select Modify...; it is the number style that is causing you grief. Click Format... and change the number format back to General. Your unwanted dates should disappear.