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Copy & Paste Codes from sheet2 to Macro module


New Member
Hi all,

Need your kind help for completing my project.
Requirement:- I have a customized macro codes in the excel sheet named "sheet2 " from cell A2 to A250 . i need to copy this code in Macro Module named "Format" and save .. so that i can run a macro with my customized code.
Need a vba to do this action.

Note :Range of copying codes may vary all the time. from A2 to 150 , A2 to 100, A2 to 220 etc based on the Goto Input.

Awaiting your reply.



Active Member
You'll be better served if you more fully describe what is occurring in your workbook project. What do you begin with, what is the ultimate goal, how do you go about getting your result if not using a macro.

Post a sample workbook with sample data (nothing confidential).

Your request to copy macro code and post to another sheet sounds like there is another means of reaching your goal without moving the code around.


New Member
Thanks for the reply Logit !

I have a set of SAP macro codes in the excel Range (B2:B61). sheet name " Codes" ( This codes Varies al the time based on my input)
I need to copy this code in VBA module to Run it.. ( By clicking a button) Since the Codes varies all the time, Manually copying the codes from sheet and pasting in module to run is repeating.