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Content of names changed automatically to something wrong


New Member
Hello all,

I'm a bit afraid with this one.

In a shared workbook, I've defined a bunch of names, refering to columns in some sheets.

When I open the file, the names refers to the values I've entered.

When I click on a tab sheet, the references changes to something wrong.

Let me illustrated this :

CORR_CR_EXIG refers to


and when I clicked, it refers to


I've never seen this before, all my others sheets behave normally (even with external data links like this one).

The only difference is that the workbook is shared (I've never used it before).

Any idea ?


New Member
Thanks Hui,

I used to do so, but the formulas didn't update when I added a column and suppressed some lines as they were supposed to do.

So I switched to relatives ones, with the same result.

Have you ever encountered something like this ?

Here are the screenshots

Before Click

After Click


New Member
Ok, I've switched back to absolutes references, and now it all OK.

When I add or remove column/lines references follow.

Sorry for this and thanks for your help