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Comments in Charts


New Member
Hi every one.

I need to know if it is possible somehow that we could insert comments in a graph which are not visible unless we point a particular bar with the cursor. The concept is same like inserting comments in excel cells. I do need it to describe events underlying fluctuating bars of a graph, which i cannot write in detail on face of bars. Or is there any particular char (or even some other visual tool) to do this?


Excel Ninja
Staff member

I initially thought this would be a simple one, but was suprised by limitations within the Excel Object Model, which restrict access to individual points within a series to only certain functions, ie: You can't find out which point is selected.

Never the less there is always a work around.

I had attached a link to a file which contains a chart with 4 Columns

You can select any column and it will display a Text Box associated with that column


Refer to my post below for the files

The trick here is that the 4 columns are separate series and not 4 points within the same series

Hence the data area at the top with the NA() errors.

You can Change it from Columns to Bars and the macro still works, I haven't tried other chart types.

I don't know if this a workable production tool for you but within a few limitations it should suit your purposes.

I have uploaded 2 versions which are exactly the same except that I have tested one version on Excel 2003 and the other on Excel 2007/10
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