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Bubble graphs


Hi all,

I've been trying to produce a bubble graph for the last hour, I've read the help files and post on this site, but still not getting where I want to be.

I am reviewing our indivual keyword PPC spend versus it's natural ranking, the aim is help identify which keywords we're ranking well for but are still spending too much on PPC.

My dataset has 4 columns, Keyword, PPC spend, SEO Rank, Share (being %age spend for the bubble size).

I can get the bubble to look right, but i am trying place the bubble along the X axis at there SEO rank. The example I am working with has 10 keyword, ranking from 1-100, yet the X axis only has 10 points, 1-10.

Any help would be great - thanks



Excel Ninja
Staff member
Mr Hiboy

Make sure the data ranges for the series for the chart don't include the series names

If they do contain Text, the chart will be line a Line Chart going from Point 1 - x

Otherwise if it is just numbers it will be more like an X-Y Chart with variable bubble sizes