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Are there solutions of algorithms in Excel?


Excel Ninja
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You can use Goal Seek but a better solution is to derive the solution from a formula by rearrangement

Logs use the function
a = b^c <=> c=Logb(a)

If you have 3500/2766 = 1.04^n


so in Excel in a cell type: =Log(3500/2766, 1.04)
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Peter Bartholomew

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Other implementation of Hui's formula include
= LN(3500/2766) / LN(1.04) [mathematically preferred solution]
= LOG(3500/2766, 10) / LOG(1.04, 10) [pre-computer era 'sums']

Out of curiosity, why does the example calculation result in a value so close to the integer 6?
Does the calculation represent 6 years growth, say?