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Apportioning sales based on Division and Status to the current sales by store


Gday all,

I use a combination of sumifs and sumproduct to apportion sales to stores, however I do one division and one status at a time.

Is there a way where I can do sumifs and sumproducts all together to get the final result.


X11: =W11+INDEX($U$3:$V$6,MATCH($V11,$T$3:$T$6,0),MATCH($U11,$U$2:$V$2,0))*$W11/(SUMPRODUCT(($U$11:$U$24=$U11)*($V$11:$V$24=$V11)*($W$11:$W$24)))

Copy down
That was my first step. However wasn't getting the output. Appreciate your time mate.

Have a great day