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Allocation of parts& their cutting program no. to their purchase order


Excel Ninja
Gaurav Vohra
1) You can add those one-by-one.
2) I could figure ... something ... until Your C18-value will write !
Where comes range J35:M35 -values?
as well as .. columns S,T,U - has 'something'?

Compare You file to mine ... it's a bit different, but ...
You can add to M16 that 9 ... and ... see, what would happen? or not?

Your files right side 'texts' ... hmm?
You should try to write Your 'texts' someway like my files AB:AC-columns.

As I already wrote #22 ...



Excel Ninja
Without Your, Gaurav Vohra, information this will be a challenge.
Here is my the newest version.
++ There are Your data.
++ You can also find [UNDO] to undo previous fill and [REDO] to fill back previous 'undo' ( = possible to check this step-by-step).


Gaurav Vohra

New Member
Hello Vletm, sorry for not replying to your post. I've prepared the report partially.
I had some family emergency. Just give me few days till I'm back in the office. I'll go through your solution & resubmit corrected report.
Sorry again.