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Additional Issues Found in PP Dashboard VBA-v1


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So in addition to the issue I reported under the thread started by Ialande, where inentering 100% in the Project Plans tab results in "#####" being displayed on the Dashboard , which is still occurring and I haven’t had any luck with getting it to work correctly, some other interesting things have also come up within the downloaded file.

The original file has 4 no. of activities that vary between worksheets.

Gantt View & ergo Dashboard, 15

Project Plans, 40

Sorting, 50

Calculations, 20

And CF color settings at ws Settings don't work.

Named range definitions are inconsistent and incongruous: a sample, Activity 16 isn't displayed in Gantt View and Dashboard (in fact, any other else over 15 I thing, as per the daily Gantt named range definition... and the list goes on).

The Help videos do provide some hints and tips, but when I tried to find out additional information by sending two different emails to the provided Gmail account as directed no response has been received with any new information provided as yet. One question in particular I have is that the video states that if you have more than 100 activities, then there are additional steps needed, but it didn't say in the video what the steps were and without any actual supporting documentation I can't use the dashboard file as intended as none of my assigned projects have less than 100 activities to be listed.

I appreciate the forums and how some of the other members have attempted to help by providing suggestions, but with any purchased product it reasonable to expect direct and actual customer service. This being said, I'd like to know how to get a refund as this product is not living up to the requirements I need and purchased it for.

Link to the original thread:
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You should email Chandoo with info about this as it is his project that he sells
Email chandoo to: chandoo.d at gmail dot com
Hi Donna,

Thanks for your questions. Vijay, our tech support person will help you.
Hello, I just purchased the project-portfolio-dashboard-VBA-v1-2010. I think it great. However I have a problem when I add more than 35 projects. My problem is with displaying the projects in the dashboard (it won't display more than 35). Can you help me resolve this problem. Thanks.