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Recent content by vijaySharma

  1. vijaySharma

    VBA to open excel workbooks from a list and copy it to specific tabs

    Rom72, please have a read on this article... http://chandoo.org/wp/2012/04/09/consolidate-data-from-different-excel-files-vba/
  2. vijaySharma

    Additional Issues Found in PP Dashboard VBA-v1

    Donna, Please email me your workbook at sharma.vijay1@gmail.com for me to assist with the issues.
  3. vijaySharma

    working with Cell Format

    Sanjeev, read this article by Hui for this...http://chandoo.org/wp/2012/01/31/custom-number-formats-multiply-divide-by-any-power-of-10/
  4. vijaySharma

    Another Ranking problem

    Khelgadi, use the below formula to get the results. =C3&COUNTIF($C$3:C3,C3)
  5. vijaySharma

    Run time error 13 while do a Excel v look up

    Giriraj, Change arg2 = myRange to Set arg2 = myRange
  6. vijaySharma

    Run time error 13 while do a Excel v look up

    is lookup1 getting a value or not... check this by putting a break-point on the line. Else try to upload your file for review. Thanks
  7. vijaySharma

    Hide Worksheets with Password Prompts

    AJS_pa, Have a read on this page...and look for PasswordHiddenSheets.xls http://sites.madrocketscientist.com/jerrybeaucaires-excelassistant/
  8. vijaySharma

    Run time error 13 while do a Excel v look up

    Try this Application.WorksheetFunction.VLookup
  9. vijaySharma

    Entering current time

    Alechko, What is the range where you want this defined?
  10. vijaySharma

    Testing with F8

    @Indian, click on the line rwb.Activate Now press F9, this will place a breakpoint on the code and it will stop here, from where you can resume pressing F8 key. ~VijaySharma
  11. vijaySharma

    Macro with Text File

    Hello Collinn, Since the file is accessed by more than 1 person, it is advisable to change the Attributes of this file to READ ONLY. This way you do not need to write any separate code to keep track of Locking / Unlocking. Every person who will open the file will get read only access to the...
  12. vijaySharma

    CF help required

    aparvez, This is working fine for me on Excel 2010, I have just modified the actual cells. Could you post your sheet for us to look at. ~VijaySharma
  13. vijaySharma

    Automated_countno.of claims on the basis of claim type

    @Ravindra, You can use the COUNTIF function to easily do this. ir you need the sum use SUMIF ~VijaySharma
  14. vijaySharma

    Administrator Permission

    guitarman, This sound like you simply upgraded from XP to Win7... not a fresh install. And this is common for the Files and Folders permissons to be reset. Locate your folder where you wanted to save the file and re-take the Ownership of that folder by Right Click... Properties and then...
  15. vijaySharma

    Hide gridlines

    Hello jskushawah, You cannot do a selective hide / un-hide of gridlines. Instead you may fill the backcolor of your range as White or any other color you choose. ~VijaySharma