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Recent content by srikandi2000

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    VBA How to autofit image [SOLVED]

    thanks, but i cant seem to find the edit thread anymore. maybe there is a time limitation
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    VBA How to autofit image [SOLVED]

    Thanks vletm and Marc. I have not write the code yet as of tuesday because I am still looking for solution that needed the least code length. Anyway, I decided to make the background square (n x n size) and then i look for the bigger number between the length and width. Then I resize the bigger...
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    VBA How to autofit image [SOLVED]

    Dear All I am trying to insert random image and resize it to match the picture place holder (just a square as background). I just want to make sure the image size is smaller than the picture background but still maintain the original aspect ratio, how do i approach this problem? I hope i make...
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    Excel Web App Interactive in Embedded workbook

    == SOLVED === just allow_interactivity = true Dear All Has anyone try interactive embedded workbook and succeded? I try using slicer yesterday, uploaded it and embed it on a small html file (in my drive) and it works. I dont know how but it works but now it does not work anymore. Looking...
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    Symbol in Chart Axis

    Thanks Hui, it works now...
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    Symbol in Chart Axis

    So, I just read http://chandoo.org/wp/2008/08/21/display-symbols-excel-chart/#comment-1192230 and try to copy the example but I cannot get webdings or windings to works. Only font with subsets. Any ideas how/why? Thanks in advance.
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    Chart Suggestions for Showing Positions from Survey

    This may not be what you need, but this is what came to mind. I change the bussiness into modul A to J instead of 1 to 20 and its interactive, you can view the modul that you want (ex, only your bussiness/modul) Hope it helps.
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    How to make Graph in Horizontal & Vertical Axis

    Is this it? no macro, just change the value
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    How to make Graph in Horizontal & Vertical Axis

    Hi Rush, I would like to help but the thing is, i still don't understand your data and what you are trying to to do. Does question 1 and 2 are a pair? so does 3 and 4 and so on.... I attached a macro file which you can changed the intersection manually without going through axis format..
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    How to make Graph in Horizontal & Vertical Axis

    rush, are you trying to make a quadrant analysist..... Please look at the attachment... Btw, you need to adjust where the axis crossed manually.... if you have more than 1 graph, i suggest record a macro and modify it to your need.. Best wished
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    dynamic chart using named range in excel 2013

    thanks Misra and Hui... I solved it but I don't know how to edit the title. And Hui, thanks, it looks clean. [more knowledge for me - very nicely done Hui but I think it still has a flaw, the end date will not match with the requirement - the data in the end date will be over then requested]
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    dynamic chart using named range in excel 2013

    [SOLVED] did not put full workbook right and I do not know how to edit the title ^^ Dear all, I tried to recreate a dynamic chart using named range in excel 2013. I've download the file from chandoo.org and been searching for quite some time for what I did wrong to no avail. I attached sample...
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    Nearest greedy

    Hi Narayank, Just wondering, do you use shortest path algorithm from A to B or just basically look for nearest position from A (as long as it is not B), then look for another nearest position and so on. I always find path finding algorithm interesting.
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    Application does not close

    Email sent. I run it again before I email it, and it is still the same. I give link to both macro so that you can notice the difference. Thanks