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Recent content by jeffreyweir

  1. jeffreyweir

    violin plots in Excel

    @Faseeh Can you repost a link to the finished plot? The dropbox link above doesn't seem to be working, but I'd like to take a look at this.
  2. jeffreyweir

    Select next Item in SlicerCaches for pivot table

    If you ever iterate over PivotItems, set the PivotTable's .ManualUpdate to TRUE while you make your changes, and set it back to FALSE afterwards to avoid the PivotTable refreshing after each and every change. This will radically speed your code up. If filtering on just one item, put hat field...
  3. jeffreyweir

    Data Entry and Pivot Table

    You can use the DataModel to add comments to PivotTables if you have Excel 2013 or later. See https://stackoverflow.com/questions/45132111/add-column-with-custom-text-to-pivot-table/45137050#45137050
  4. jeffreyweir

    Excel World Champ !!!

    Of course, if Chandoo registers as a New Zealander, I'm screwed.
  5. jeffreyweir

    Excel World Champ !!!

    You and me, head to head. Let the trans-Tasman rivalry begin!
  6. jeffreyweir

    [2013] Pivot Table Slicer - display only select values in the slicer

    I am working on a commercial add-in that does just this. Screenshots at the following StackOverflow links: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/38904866/excel-pivot-table-filters-how-to-make-one-filter-drop-down-dependent-on-anothe/38911606#38911606...
  7. jeffreyweir

    Data Entry and Pivot Table

    Hi TyWils. No, I haven't (yet) progressed this, because I've been working on some other PivotTable-based addins that I want to get out the door first. But this is on my radar, and I would be interested in talking further about what it is you are trying to achieve, because there's nothing like a...
  8. jeffreyweir

    Pivot Problem

    Read this post: http://www.contextures.com/excel-pivot-table-sorting.html
  9. jeffreyweir

    change multiple fields in pivot when one cell changes

    Are all these PivotTables based on the same raw data? If so, then if you have Excel 2010 or later you can just add a Slicer for the field concerned, and connect that Slicer to all the other PivotTables. Any changes you make in one field are then automatically replicated in all the others.
  10. jeffreyweir

    Spreadsheet Slowing Down!

    @NARAYANK991 Note that one offset formula alone can cause issues, if it is at the head of a large-enough dependency tree, as per my article at http://chandoo.org/wp/2014/03/03/handle-volatile-functions-like-they-are-dynamite/
  11. jeffreyweir

    Make a Pivot Table a named range

    You can use vba to do this as per my guest blog post at http://chandoo.org/wp/2014/10/18/introducing-structured-references-for-pivottables/
  12. jeffreyweir

    Sorting an Outline in form #.#.#

    Late contribution, but if you ensure that the outline column is entered a text (and not general format) AND each sub part of the outline has the same amount of digits in it, then you can sort on it, as outlined at this post...
  13. jeffreyweir

    Convert Slicer into Button

    This kind of thing indeed takes a lot of work. I've been working on an 'improved' slicer for over a year, that only appears when you double-click a PivotTable, and that lets you do all sort of wildcard filtering that you can't do with native Slicers/Pivots:
  14. jeffreyweir

    Context sensitive lists using Data Validation

    @Manosh Here's a guest post I wrote some time back on the Chandoo forum where the named ranges are updated automatically as per your comment above. http://chandoo.org/wp/2014/02/25/robust-dynamic-cascading-dropdowns-without-vba/
  15. jeffreyweir

    Need help with dependent drop down list between workbooks using named ranges

    YoungSparky: having formulas that reference other workbooks is usually a recipe for disaster. In this case, it won't actually work unless both workbooks are open, because INDIRECT can't retrieve data from closed workbooks. Nor will INDEX, which is another function I often use to make cascading...