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Recent content by Hui

  1. Hui

    Conditional formatting - Only format days of the month, not previous or next

    Using June as an Example June is J16: P21 Select that edit the Orange CF Use this modified formula =AND(MONTH($J$14)=MONTH(J16),OR(B7=$R$37,B7=$R$39,B7=$R$40,B7=$R$41,B7=$R$42,B7=$R$43,B7=$R$44,B7=$R$45,B7=$R$46)) etc ie: Use the Month of the Month and Month of the Date as an extra check You...
  2. Hui

    Help needed with SUMPRODUCT/SUMIF across multiple columns with criteria

    Oahmed Can you please start a new post and attach a sample file to simplify the solution
  3. Hui

    How to manage an error

    AS debaser described, the On error is still active once triggered If another error occurs it will go back to 10 so you need to a reset statement as described into the end of the error handling to stop that behaviour
  4. Hui

    How to manage an error

    The below is what you want I'm not sure where you want to jump back to, so adjust accordingly Do Until surplus = 0 adr = "AF" & lmin & ":AF" & lmax & "" If lmax - lmin = 0 Then min = Application.WorksheetFunction.Subtotal(5...
  5. Hui

    Excel Doughnut Chart With Round Edges

    You can read more about how this was made here: https://chandoo.org/wp/learn-how-to-make-a-circular-arc-chart-in-excel/
  6. Hui

    [@ function doesn't work

    The outcome should be 13.5, not 10.35 It isn';t working because the Table isn't a Table Select any cell in the Table Ctrl+Shift+T accept headers now try the formula
  7. Hui

    Help Please!! - update this module to work for a Range of cells rather than just 1

    Can you please attach a sample fle
  8. Hui

    Excel picture display!

    This has been answered in several posts and even a blog post about it Try using the Search dialog at the top of the Main Chandoo.org Website
  9. Hui

    Simple copy file macro

    Try: FileCopy "H:\SourceFolder\SourceFileExample.xlsx", "H:\DestinationFolder\SourceFileExample.xlsx" without the Brackets
  10. Hui

    Vba copy and paste

    Can you please attach your file with some sample data so we can better assess the issue
  11. Hui

    Want to save as file in same location with formatting and paste special values without macro

    The only way to save as Values and Formatting is to use: Save As and select a Non-spreadsheet format Try these and see how you go: Note the Text and CSV will loose formatting
  12. Hui

    Loop is breaking in mid.

    Check that the data column has all text or Values?
  13. Hui

    Loop is breaking in mid.

    Can you please post the file so we can see what is going on ?
  14. Hui

    #Value! Cause by external link

    put an =Iferror(existing formula, 0) or =Iferror(existing formula, "") around your existing formula