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Recent content by Hui

  1. Hui

    Locate the Cell which contains the MAX.

    Thankyou VLetm Cross Posting is generally considered poor form, as people don't follow up and close of solutions on all forums. This can cause people to both waste time, and miss great solutions I am sure the OP will not do that here ?
  2. Hui

    getting error this column has more than 10000

    D2: =IF(LEN(C2)=0,"",IF(LEN(C2)=11,"+",IF(LEFT(C2,1)=0,"","0")))&C2 copy down made column D wider
  3. Hui

    Calculate average cost for share transaction with multiple shares in the list

    I think your formula in column F is incorrect F2 should be : =SUMPRODUCT(($D$2:D2)*($A$2:A2=A2))/E2 then copy it down G2: can then become: =SUMPRODUCT(($D$2:D2)*($A$2:A2=A2))/E2 copy it down Please check those manually
  4. Hui

    Cell to be one more decimal place than another cell

    In A2: =ROUND(Your Number or Formula here, LEN(A1-INT(A1))-1)
  5. Hui

    VBA Apply formula but put Value only in Cell

    Startdate and days are named formula They will need to be defined on the other pc also Table 4 must have the same name Also the usercontrols have custom names, so check those exist
  6. Hui

    ActiveX ListBox to be populated

    It is really not clear what result you want? Can you expand the description If you just want to do a lookup, on sheet: Form II, type the following anywhere =INDEX(AFC[Component Details],MATCH(G6&L6,AFC[Concatenate],0))
  7. Hui

    How to Calculate Previous Year Sales in the attached file

    It works ok for me? Make sure you open the file and allow editing It took a few seconds the first time , then was quite fast
  8. Hui

    I got a real stroke (2nd stroke)

    Bosco With heart felt resolve, Everyone here at the Chandoo.org Forums wish you the best in your challenges ahead. Tackle them as you will an Excel problem, one formula at a time
  9. Hui

    math problems

    All decimals by default are rational As P45cal pointed out, sinmply coun t the number of digits in a decimal and put a 1 in from of that many zero's as the denominator and remove the decimal eg: .5, 1 number after the decimal = 1 zero, add a 1 and remove "." = 0.5 -> 5/10 .15, 2 number after...
  10. Hui

    Why the "Range.Formula = " not work?

    I don't believe that you can do that in a Function You can do it within a Sub Have a read of https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/description-of-limitations-of-custom-functions-in-excel-f2f0ce5d-8ea5-6ce7-fddc-79d36192b7a1
  11. Hui

    Format Source in VBA

    Do a google search on VBA Code Formatter There are a number of Excel addin's that can help you do that Here is an online version https://www.automateexcel.com/vba-code-indenter/
  12. Hui

    Need help with sumif cells containing both text and number

    Can you please attach a file for us to use
  13. Hui

    Chart formating issue

    Select the first chart and Copy Select the second chart Now goto the Home tab, and Select Paste, Paste Special Select Format from the new menu Enjoy
  14. Hui

    XLookup Formula error

    Lisa The two row numbers i have highlighted =XLOOKUP([Order '#],'PS-MARKETPLACE JOURNALS'!$V$2:$V$13595, 'PS-MARKETPLACE JOURNALS'!$A$2:$A$13859) should be the same value
  15. Hui

    Unable to resolve run time error 1004 while using vba to paste data from 1 sheet to another

    Bawaalbro Is it possible for you to attach a sample file with data and worksheets as per your application?