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Recent content by dan_l

  1. dan_l

    How do i refer a cell in SAP code.

    don't forget to test that sap script in quality ;)
  2. dan_l

    How to use 2 excel file in the same sql in vba

    I'm not following. If you're trying to join data between "source file" and "city master", I guess I would probably create two recordsets and use a temp table or maybe recordset.fields.append to bluff a join.
  3. dan_l

    Vba copy and paste

    This sounds a lot like a database task instead of a excel macro task.
  4. dan_l

    Parsing Numeric Ranges....

    Kenneth: Output will be 2 different cells. The output is going to get fed into our ERP environment. Naray: the code can do the sort if need be. But ‘as it is found’ it will be unsorted.
  5. dan_l

    Parsing Numeric Ranges....

    Hi, I'm struggling mightily to wrap my head around this one. I've got ideas, but every time I sit down to do it I end up going down a rabbit hole. I've got a bunch of numbers like: 1 2 3 9 14 15 16 19 I want to parse them as a FROM and a TO like: From To 1 3 9 9 14...
  6. dan_l

    VBA & Business Objects

    power query and power bi are both free. Power Query is strictly query plus some pretty functional transformation functions. Power BI contains the same functionality as powerquery but also adds nifty dashboardish type display.
  7. dan_l

    Code to edit data in data base

    This will be vastly easier if you do this with a VBA form.
  8. dan_l

    Compare two List Objects multiple columns and add-delete rows

    I'm curious about this one; I'm not sure how I'd do it so it will run a mac.
  9. dan_l

    Execution Flow in VBA

    you might need to tighten this one up. I think it depends on how you structure the overall solution.
  10. dan_l

    Code Optimization - How would you do this?

    So---I've got a coding problem. I've got a solution. I'm looking for a second opinion if this is the right way to handle it, or if there's a better way: The set up: -It's access. The code lives in a class. -The overall process is: 1) Feed the class a bunch of parameters 2) A...
  11. dan_l

    VBA MACRO I need sql query

    Maybe a guru level sql guy could do something with this. My approach might start with sql to fetch the right data but for adding logic to the output you might be best off with a recordset. You could pretty reliably get the data, loop through it and account for various conditions, and construct...
  12. dan_l

    FYI: Opening PDF file(s) from Excel.

    https://sourceforge.net/projects/renameit/ Useful exactly once in a blue moon.
  13. dan_l

    Matrix to List (DataBase)

    This is like 3 clicks in power query.......
  14. dan_l

    Excel 2016 crashes when opening Conditional Formatting

    Any word? Did you try repairing the MSO install? Though that sounds like the ol' IT "reboot" strategy, I've seen it work for quirky stuff like this.
  15. dan_l

    Copy data from various sheets onto a master

    smug much?