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Awesome August - 31 days, 31 awesome posts - from Chandoo.org

What is Awesome August?

The idea is simple. For each and every day of August (2015), I have published a new piece of content on Chandoo.org. Each article can be a tip, template, video, podcast or tutorial, but it will make you awesome.

To participate & celebrate Awesome August, all you have to do is – consume the content, implement it at work and become awesome.

Awesome August – Week 1 content


  1. Clean data quickly with Flash Fill
  2. How to create dynamic sparklines in Excel for latest 30 days trend
  3. Highlight overdue items using conditional formatting
  4. Calculate total of top 10 values – formulas & homework for you
  5. How to create custom ribbons in Excel to boost your productivity
  6. 6 Charts you will see in hell – podcast
  7. Remove duplicate combinations your data [quick tip]

Awesome August – Week 2 content

  1. Use shapes to enhance Excel charts
  2. Declutter your reports by showing icon only
  3. Make bar charts in original data order for improved readability
  4. VLOOKUP last value
  5. Format faster with paste special & double click
  6. Introduction to financial analysis & modeling concepts – podcast
  7. Work with charts faster using these amazing tools

Awesome August – Week 3 content

  1. In-cell 5 star charts tutorial
  2. A simple trick to make your dashboards user friendly
  3. Introduction to Mail Merge in Excel
  4. How to reconcile debits & credits using Solver?
  5. Set up meaningful titles on charts
  6. Highlight user selection in dashboards
  7. How to import webdata in to Excel thru Power Query

Awesome August – Week 4 content

  1. Filter as you type – quick VBA tutorial
  2. Save paper & time with Print Areas in Excel
  3. Create dynamic print areas in Excel
  4. Summarize only filtered values with SUBTOTAL and AGGREGATE formulas
  5. Use GETPIVOTDATA to integrate pivot tables & dashboards
  6. My favorite time saving features of Excel – CP043 Podcast
  7. Monthly planner template – downloads

Awesome August – Week 5 content

  1. Quick Funnel Chart – Template
  2. Build models & dashboards faster with Watch Window
  3. How to create cascading drop downs in Excel

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