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Will I need PowerPivot for this?

Discussion in 'Ask an Excel Question' started by Ida, Apr 20, 2017.

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  1. Ida

    Ida New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I am trying to build a dashboard based on the dummy file attached. As I understand, this is most likely done with PowerPivot, but I am not familiar enough with excel to use PowerPivot to that extent. Anyhow, I would basically like to build a tool, which takes a number and add an additional number based on different criteria. The two numbers are on two different sheets, which really troubles me.

    In the dummy-file on 'Sheet 1', I would like separate slicers – or another option with buttons – with “Category” and “Type”, which shows the “Price (number)” for the clicked off item. I would like a third slicer but the data is on 'Sheet 2' where I would like a slicer for “Grown in” and a tap (or two taps – e.g. ‘Florida’ and ‘Local farm’) is clicked on, the “Additional cost (number)” must be added to “Price”.
    The difficulty for me is to how to get 3 slicers in one sheet when the raw data is on teo different sheets along with how to add the two numbers based on the clicks.

    Lastly, I would very much like a relation from the above to “Best before” so when a button is clicked the “Best before” is displayed somewhere on the dashboard.

    I hope this makes sense!


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  2. chirayu

    chirayu Well-Known Member

    You can just use formulas. I've attached a sample file. Its very basic - I haven't done dependent dropdown lists but you can research them & make them if you like.

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  3. Ida

    Ida New Member

    I really like this, but I cannot choose 2 items in one dropdown and that is going to be a problem.
    Also, is it possible to hide the options in "Type" that do not fit the "Category" chosen - like a slicer is able to?
  4. bobhc

    bobhc Excel Ninja

    Posted in the dashboard section, this post closed.
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