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When is it better to use MS Access instead of Excel?


Active Member
Dear Chandoo community,

I want to ask your opinions or experience of switching to Access from Excel.
I want to know what was the main reason for switch.

Here is my situation:

1)Every day I have been adding 100 rows of data to excels manually
2)Now the worksheet contains 10,000 rows.
3)For duplicated values, I have Conditional Formating
4)I cannot enter values that are available in another worksheet.
There is vlookup to check

I am beginning to think I should start using Access as it seems to be less prone to error...

*I saw this post to understand advantage and disadvantge of Excel

Thanking you in advance...


Excel Ninja
Excel's advantage is in it's portability, flexibility and it's data analysis/visualization capability.

Access is far superior for...
1. Managing relational data
2. Multi-User data entry
3. Managing data integrity (as opposed to flexibility)
4. Data loss prevention

Personally, I'd use Access for data entry/storage. Then Excel to report/analyze the data.