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When editing a cell which is linked to a formula on another sheet, the other sheet overlays on top of my current sheet


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Hi All,

I have attached the document in question. The issue I am having is when I edit a yellow cell in any "Input" sheet (marked in green), all the cells from other sheets that change end up overlayed on top of my data entry. This is clearly a visual glitch because if you scroll down the page and back up again, the problem is gone.
However, I know there must be something specific I have done in this case as I have another spreadsheet with around 15,000 lines of code and hundreds of sheets which does not have this issue.

I noticed there is a post with the same issue from 2016, but I tried Hui's recommendation, to no avail. Anyone have any tips? My work colleague opened it and also found the same issue, so I'm hoping you can see for yourselves when you open the file.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The post from 2016:


  • Calculators v7.0.xlsm
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I didn't even bother looking at your attachment; if it's a visual glitch (and your description is pretty clear), it might not even do it for me.

When I work with Excel for a long time, occasionally bugs creep in. Mostly I can save the workbook, exit all Excel apps, and then re-open the workbook, and it'll be fine. In that case the problem wasn't actually in the workbook but in the current copy of Excel in my RAM, and reloading Excel fixed it. But I assume you've done that already and the glitch is still there.

More rarely, rebooting my PC fixes the problem; in that case my diagnosis is that the problem was accumulated errors in my RAM but in the system area rather than Excel itself. If that's the problem in your case, you'll find it goes away by itself the next time you reboot your PC. That doesn't happen to me very often, but there's always a hope.

It could be a corruption that's actually in the workbook. How much effort would be involved in saving it as a CSV, then reloading it and recreating all the formulae and formatting? It might be a lot of work, but if it's glitching like that then it may be glitching in other less obvious ways too, so it's the kind of thing you really need to get rid of; it isn't just a visual annoyance, it might be a serious problem.

It could, of course, be a bug in Excel itself. I can't offer any ideas about that.