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What technology related You tube channels you have subscribed for


Excel Ninja

I have asked this question in re-phrased manner earlier also.
This time trying be more specific, apologies for consuming Forum space.

Could you please share details of technology related You tube channels that you have subscribed for.
It can be about any technology, any software language, from driverless car to IOT (Internet of things) or robotics.

I do random searches by entering key words, but I hardly get good results.
Please help with your suggestions if you get time.


Excel Rōnin
Hi, ThrottleWorks!
And if I use Y2B for watching old series/movies, short tutorials on how-to-something, lots of photography stuff, besides pranks, the slo mo guys, older fps-russia, a science guy that I don't actually remember...?
Would I be of any help?


Excel Rōnin
Hi, ThrottleWorks!
Coldfusion... Coldfusion... o_O Ah, I remember it now! :rolleyes:
That of The Saint, with Val Kilmer and Elizabeth Shue... :DD