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VLOOKUP to return result based on formula


New Member
Sorry, vague title, I wasn't sure how to phrase it!
So essentially I want a VLOOKUP up entered into column AB in the Oracle tab.
I want it to look up cell T2 from the mapping tab in columns K - M and bring back column M

The issue!
Col K has duplicates which need to stay and obviously a VLOOKUP will return the first instance of the result, some rows have blank cells in M when column R is "No" I basically want the VLOOKUP to ignore all these blank cells and return the result for the next match.

Help would be greatly apprecaited!


  • Chandoo Template.xlsx
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what version of excel do you have - maybe able to use a filter to return what you are after - but thats a 365 version option, and i also think was available in version 2019