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VLOOKUP to return multiple corresponding values

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felix Rivas

New Member

This is my first time using the site. I need a formula that will look up a value in one worksheet, and return multiple values that correspond to the look up criteria.

Thanks in advance.
Hi Felix,

This is my first time too using the site. Here i have a different thought about it. I might be wrong, but correct me because i might not be aware of it. As per your requirement, i feel that VLOOKUP is a function that would return only one value in a single cell.(This is the part that i said i need insight on).But if you want it in multiple cells then you can just copy the VLOOKUP function and change the column index number, so that you can get the next value in another cell.
what if, using the example listed in microsoft office website, you needed to search one source and return values accross multiple tabs/sheets?

ie: one tab for Ashsish, another for Sanjay and so on?

The row function that uses a colon ROW(1:1) will not work when referencing another tab... or will it?

You'll have better luck if you start your own thread, rather than hijacking a previous thread.
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