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VBA for renaming tab to current week Friday


New Member
I am looking for a simple way to rename a tab to whatever the current week Friday's date is. Below returns the current date, but I am not sure how to make it specify the Fridays date. One thing is that the tab could be renamed at any point during the week.

ActiveSheet.Name = Format(Date, ("mm-dd-yyyy")

Any thoughts?


Active Member
Option Explicit

Sub WhatFriday()
Dim NextFriday As Date
NextFriday = Date + 8 - Weekday(Date, vbFriday)
Sheet1.Name = Format(NextFriday, "mm-dd-yyyy")
End Sub


New Member
So this works really well during the current week - unless it is actually the current Friday or the Saturday after. Is there some way to modify this?