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Validation in Excel 2007


New Member
Your tips are really something to be appreciated!

I have a problem!!

I feel you are the guy for it!!!

I am trying to do a nautical problem using Excel 2007.

How would I allow user to input degrees and minutes in adjacent (on in different) cells?

Since Latitude is not more than 90°, if the user input 90° in the degrees cell, then the minutes cell must go blank (or not to allow other than 0)

If the user in put any integer between 0 and 59, allow the user to input between 0’ and 60.0’ in the minutes cell.

I validate the degree cell easily i.e. any integer between 0 and 90.

I have a problem in validating the minute cell. It needs a conditional validation, I feel, so the two cells together will give a result between 00° 00.0’ and 90° 00.0’.

Please help! Thanks!!


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