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Using SUMIFS with a criteria to extract a month name from date

Good Day Team

I am trying to use SUMIFS to sum up values in worksheet "Data" by matching 2 criteria.

1. IF column A in Sheet "Data" matches to A3 in the "Monthly Sales Per Site" sheet.


2. IF the month in column be B of sheet "Data" extracted to a name matches to months in row 2 of sheet "Monthly Sales Per Site"

Here is the formaula I tried but not working:
=SUMIFS(Data!$C:$C,Data!$A:$A,'Monthly Sales Per Site'!A3,TEXT(Data!$B:$B,"mmm"),'Monthly Sales Per Site'!B2)



Active Member
You have a mixture of 2017 and 2018 dates - which year do the month headings relate to???
Perfect Hareesh Your are a star.

MONTH(1*(1&'Monthly Sales Per Site'!$B$2)) kindly explain what 1*(1&..... mean. Sorry I am still a learner.

Once again many thanks.