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using multiple image extensions

Open at least the VBE Immediate window !​
Or mod the code to list to a worksheet …​
I tryed in the immedate window, when i saved the file code and window was gone.
Worksheet test is my bad, it has to be Sheet 1
Because nothing works and I don't get anywere I am getting nervous..
In the real file I don't make these mistakes naming the sheet wrong
As it should work once the Path variable is correct which seems not the case in your actual code …​
According to your attachment error found : your logic !​
As in column M the filenames already have an extension so no need to loop on an extensions array …​
So according to your initial post the question is why do you add an extension like ".jpg" to a filename which already has an extension ?‼​
No issue on my side once the Path is correct / updated and with the appropriate logic according to column M content …​
So weird your attachment does not well reflect your workbook !​
So I won't waste more time without the necessary any VBA forum expects for in the initial post …​
My workbook reflect exact what I want. Simple as bonjour.
Photos's in a folder, Names in column M (with or without extention, doesn't matter I can change that)and photo's should be added in column N
I don't think you can figure it out yourself,otherwise it is a small matter of posting a small working example.
Can you post a working example with the coorect phot names and path,I drives me nuts.
According to your post #30 attachment - so obviously with column M filenames with extensions :rolleyes: - my checking files procedure updated​
to paste only to the Blad1 (test) worksheet module :​
Sub Check1()
    Dim P$, V, F$, L&
        P = ThisWorkbook.Path & "\Test\"
    For Each V In [M1].CurrentRegion.Columns(1).Value
        F = Dir$(P & V):  If F > "" Then L = L + 1: Debug.Print P & F
        Debug.Print "Total :"; L
End Sub
All files found …​
This workbook path ?
So if the folder is "C\Test\" than the file has to be on the C, the file has to go in my documents.