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Userform Login for Multiple Level User - Customized Spreadsheet

Dear Deepak,

Thank you for your swift reply!

I am so sorry for the delay, I was working on something.

I've downloaded your last document, v6, and the error is still there.
- Please verify by yourself.
* So, to know how the errors works, please follow my steps:

1. Select 4x4 cells (how many you want);
2. Insert a table;
3. Write something on those cells (no matter what);
4. Try to copy some table cells to another sheet - it's perfectly fine
5. Select the table's header together with below cell (or how many you want) and press CTRL+X , then go to another sheet (mandatory!!) and press CTRL+V - I don't know about you but I've got the same error.

Please advise,

Yours sincerely,
Hi Deepak,

I apologize for my slow action.

Please note that now is better than the last time.

If you are creating a table in one sheet and you're trying to CUT&PASTE the Header+2 cells into the same sheet it works but if you're trying to do the same thing but into another sheet (CTRL+X => CTRL+V), you'll receive the same error.

I followed your steps (close all Excel files & recheck on another pc) - same problem.

 If Not Application.Intersect(Target, Cells()) Is Nothing Then

Please find the two images attached.
- I kindly ask you to follow my steps and see if you receive the same error.

Once again I want to thank you for your time.



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 If Not Application.Intersect(Target, Cells()) Is Nothing Then

Change it to check...

If Not Application.Intersect(Target, Target.Parent.Cells()) Is Nothing Then
Dear Deepak,

You're really unbelievable! Simply amazing..
Everything is perfect! Words can't describe my feelings right now.

To be honest with you, I'm a little bit mad because you solved all of my requests and there is one left, here.. for now! I will keep looking for different issues and I will let you know if something appears.

Thank you for your help and kindness, Deepak.

My best regards,
Dear Deepak,

Good day my friend! How are you ? :) , I'm back as I promised.

Please note that I have encountered another problems - 2 more exactly.

1. The first one is the following:
a. Here at work, I've started a complex document and I wanted to take the codes from this worksheet with Multiple Users and integrate into the other one:
- So, I copied (drag with mouse):
a. Entire Modules (Module1)
b. Forms (LogInUF)
c. Microsoft Excel Objects (ThisWorkbook)

Everything works fine but after I login, the other workbook is opening instantly, the one from where I took the codes. So I would like to remove this issue if this is possible.

2. Second, after I login, no matter which document, yours or mine, if I press CTRL + A for the entire worksheet I get the following error:

Run-time error '7':

Out of memory

and if I press Debug, this is the highlighted line:

bChange = Target.Value

**** LE: Dear Deepak, please note that I figured it out how to solve the NO. 1 problem, I edited the login form's link and now is okay.

Other things if I may:
- There is any chance after you enter your credentials and LogIn to move you automatically into another sheet ? Let's say when you open the document, the Dashboard sheet is Visible and after you are entering your credentials / entered the document, to move you to another sheet (let's say, sheet name "Report").
- The Login Form on an iMac is upside down , is so much different than other notebooks let's say (Acer 15.6 inch). To solve is it is mandatory to change the box's size ?

There is any change to solve this somehow.. ? :)

So many thank for everything!

My best regards,
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Hello Deepak,

So sorry for my double-mail but I want to check with you one more time if you can assist me with the latest problems.

Thank you so much,
Hi Great Deepak,

I'm not sure if you can still give me some hope's here, I'm not an expert in VB code and been scratching my head for couple of days now.

Scenario and what I want to achieve:

>Multiple sheets w/ password protected for each worksheets, and one admin sheets that have access to all.
>one default sheets for viewing purpose only
>there's at least 7 tabs including the admin sheets

So, I've found some code and ideas over internet however problem is I can't unprotect all worksheets even though I set all to have one password, what I can think the cause is because of ''username''. As the code I use is when they open the file it will prompt a log in for username and password and can only have access to specific worksheets.

Tried to use the code from previous OP and other people here but can't figure out how to edit that will suit on what I want to achieve.

See attached sample draft:

Note: SEA ALL worksheets is the admin

Please help mate.



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Deepak, what is the Admin password for this version? It was username: Admin and password: Admin@admin up to version 5, but seems it does not work for version 5-7. Please assist. Thank you!
Nevermind I figured it out, thank you for leaving the VBA unlocked. deepak and pass is 1