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UK HeatMap Combo + Rank ScrollBar Dynamic Charts


UK HeatMap amalgamated with Dynamic Charts/Gauges via Scroll Bars:

Scroll Bar spinners > Top Right below Gauges. ComboBox > B2.

Data is made up, hence not real or true, they are fictitious, just for example.

Q: Free sources of SVG image files of UK/GB/ENGLAND with complete ID3 & AutoShape Cities / Counties???

Many seem incomplete either without individual naming of county/city autoshape segments, or just won't ungroup in XL. Hence without specific SVG image that is complete, will prevent from starting HeatMap as wouldn't match dataset categories.

SVG image files can be in opened in XL as XML to copy City/Column ID3 code, then converted with InkScape to EMF for inserting into XL then rename generic AutoShape names to specific city/county using this macro:



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