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TXT to Column Help

Marc L

Excel Ninja
Hi Marc - please dont spend anymore time on this. I know its doesnt make sense with the print txt data which a slight change can throw off the VB scripting and all.
Hi, I did not spend much time on this as my coding tool warns me about non matching data between files​
then I just opened both to check visually so no more than a minute was necessary …​
Once all lights green I should need around ten minutes to write a VBA procedure & test it​
as it's very not difficult to import a text file since last century.​
But you are right on the fact in case of any change within the source text print file,​
like any line added / deleted or a couple of lines swapped or even no more than a single space added / removed,​
the VBA procedure may not work anymore so you will have to amend its code according to the new print format …​