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txshadow will think other title for this


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Hi All!

First off, let me preface this by saying - I AM NOT AN EXPERT AT ALL! I find most of my answers through the internet, so please show some grace.

I am in-porting a huge list of data from a pdf with multiple pages into excel with different categories. I have extracted 99% of it but now am running into my final issue.
I need to grab first and last names from this source (pg) and this page is very inconsistent. The characters, spaces and values are all different (a user input error that wont be fixed anytime soon).
HOW CAN I EXTRACT THEIR NAMES WITH INCONSISTENT DATA??? Is there even a way?? I tried playing with VBA (which I know very little about) and found a script but it obviously didn't work.

I can isolate the are of where the names are found (between 2 constants) - but that leaves me with an inconsistent cell filled with random/different characters/values and the names buried in there.


Thanks in advance!


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Cannot manipulate data in a picture. Upload a sample file that is representative of your issue and we will do our best to provide you with a workable solution.

BTW: You will always get more responses with a descriptive title to your thread. Titles such as your often get ignored