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Trying to extract dates

Hi Chandoo Experts,

I'm sending a file that I would like to pull the dates from my main table to another area. It is in the Product Count. For example, I would select from the
product drop down list "FOOD" count 40, and would like all 40 dates listed in that date column. Thanks for your help as always. Joe, from Michigan.


Peter Bartholomew

Well-Known Member
There are a number of mysteries on your spreadsheet. The names appear to be whole-column rather than building from the tables structured references. Then, in places, you have reverted to direct cell referencing.

I have added a list of dates. The first, for comparison purposes, I have used the new dynamic array FILTER function. The formula that I expect you to be able to use is a combination of IF and SMALL.


Peter Bartholomew

Well-Known Member
That works fine but I suspect that the new dynamic array functionality might give pivot tables something of a run for their money once it becomes more generally available. UNIQUE works well for the row and column headers and FILTER can return sub-lists or aggregations for the value fields.


Excel Ninja
@Peter Bartholomew , I have not tried any of these function you mentioned .I normally try to stay away from formulas if possible for summarising data since file size can become big and cumbersome to manage. And pivot tables will be much easier to mange for people who are not a super user in excel.