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true or false based on two corresponding cell formula value


New Member
Dear All,

Thanks a lot for helping us previous threads.
I have a result sheet , i want to return true or false cell by cell .
e,g- in result sheet C4 and C5 match then cell C6 TRUE , then D4 and D5 match then result in d6 true if match and false if not match and so on for E4 and E5 upto AG4 and AG5.
Note - Match with formula return value.

Attached sheet...




Excel Ninja
Isn't this fourth version from same?
You had already many solutions!

... You should start to follow Forum Rules.


New Member
thanks for precious time , i applied that formula but it is giving false in C6 but C4 and C5 data is same . it must return true.?
That's why i posted this question to forum...
C4=day off
C5=day off


Excel Ninja
1) Did You read Forum Rules as I've asked to do many times?

2) As written in above reply, Your files Day Off's are different as You could see with Your own eyes - snapshot below:
Screenshot 2019-09-09 at 17.51.13.png
3) I gave already reply to this in Your previous version of this thread, which take care those cases.

What would Your point to ask same things many times in many forums?
You should 'think' to hire someone, then You'll notice, what are You doing!