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Troubleshoot this spreadsheet?


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Hi all,
I created a spreadsheet based upon Chandoos bike rider on a hill example. It is used to track progress for call quality monitoring against set quarterly totals for each team member.

On the Worksheet "Call Tracker" I am recording the Date and duration of each call completed.
On the Worksheet "Target-vs-Actual" I am collating the number of calls completed on each date listed, against the target number for that date.

My problem? The "Target-vs-Actual" worksheet is not producing a correct total of all calls and I don't understand where the error lies.

I'd be grateful if someone could identify the error - I'm afraid that I'm very new to Excel and simply don't have the knowledge or expertise to promptly identify the error. I've uploaded the file and I'd be grateful for your help if you're up for a challenge.

thanks in advance,



Excel Ninja
Hi ,

The problem is that your table named progress is missing the date September 4 , which alone has 22 calls associated with it.

The total that is displayed , 64 , is 86 - 22.

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Date 04.09.2017 missing in column O in Sheet "Target-v-Actual". Which counts for 22.Please check the updated file for your reference.
Thank you so much. I feel like such an idiot. That's where a second pair of eyes looking at something can help. I hope some day I can return the favour. Again, my sincerest thanks.


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Hi, I have just come to the forum, surfing around and I see that my knowledge is nothing. I cannot understand a thing in any post I have surfed. How can I start from the beginning?