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Tricky VBA - Repeating data for every month between dates


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Hi Guys,
I am trying to do something that is far beyond my skill set.
I have attached a link to an excel file. The file has the following sheets:

original: One row of data for every opportunity, this is my source data
desired: This is what I am trying to achieve, each opportunity repeated for every month between Onhire and Offhire dates with the month and year values added in columns H and I
fiscal calendar: This is the company fiscal calendar I use to calculate hire days

Note: All columns from J-N are just formulas and won't cause me any issues, the issue I need solved is columns A-I and the repeated data.
Link to my excel file :) https://1drv.ms/x/s!ArazqhFmvkSJlmfmETLt9IPYWVKg?e=0jsjBV
About Your I have attached a link to an excel file.
I would be more useful for others to attach a sample file here with [ Attach files ] -button ... links goes to somewhere.
In the attached, not a macro solution but a Power Query offering.
The table at cell A14 of the desired sheet is the results table and can be updated (like a Pivot table) by right-clicking it and choosing Refresh.
Do this after updating the tables Table1 and FiscalCalendar on the other sheets with new data.
I've left your expected results for comparison with the new table.


  • Chandoo49197Opportunity Analysis.xlsx
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