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trasfer data from Lotus macro to Excal VBA macro


New Member
I am looking for help to create the best macro that will transfer for me the information as it appear in the attached workbook sheet(sheet2) column A&B to Column E , basically this is the transfer of lotus macro to excel VBA macro which I have done myself . the problem is that I have many of those and I am trying just to save time and therefore I am looking for macro to do that any idea ?????



Excel Rōnin

What you're doing "is called cross-posting and is generally frowned upon in the Blogosphere as it causes people to potentially waste our time when a question is already answered or to disperse our efforts thru repeated threads on the same subject. You should also check and respond to posts and let posters know if they are heading in the write direction or not." Hui's dixit, SIC. And I agree 101%.

If you'd have read the main green sticky post at this forums main page...
...you should have noticed this points:

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"If you and a reader have been involved in an ongoing conversation and the conversation suddenly stops, recognize that the person may have gone to bed, even though you have just arrived at work. In the worst case a reader may go on holidays and not get back to the question for a few days."

"Never title your posts as "Urgent", "Priority" "Immediate". It may be Important to you, but not for rest of the members here. These words will be moderated out."

"Cross Posting, generally it is considered poor practice to cross post, that is to post the same question on several forums in the hope of getting a response quicker.
If you do cross post, please put that in your post.
Also if you have cross posted and get an answer elsewhere, have the courtesy of posting the answer here so other readers can learn from the answer also, as well as stopping people wasting there time on your answered question."

"Say "Thanks", whenever you can. Recognize when someone has bothered to go to the trouble and time to assist you with your question for free. Often readers will spend several hours working on a solution to a problem, a line of recognition will go a long way."


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right in place every word is right and I don't disagree with you , the contrary I absolutely agree and promise to compile with everything I can and do the best to follow the rules of the forum and I really really thank you for the time taken to provide me with your info , I just didn't know that there is complete corporation between the forums, and each forum work independently , that's is the reason why I placed my thread in two forum at the same time . sorry for that at this time what I will do in the future I will mentioned the link where this thread was published also and at the moment I get the good solution I will send an indication that this issue was solved