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Tracking Employee Dates in a dashboard.

Discussion in 'Excel Dashboards' started by Hntrsmom, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. lomer

    lomer New Member

    Dear Eibi,

    You did an excellent job and i appreciate that. many many thank.

    This dashboard is so perfect and i think that from here i can modify the formulas by myself. For me that hard part was to try to think what was your logic when you made the formulas and rewrite the code without the worksheet that i don't need. But now as I don't have that sheet in the formulas so will be ok for me to modify any formulas or to add something else.

    1 question. If for 1 employee i will have in the same day 2 or 3 different document expired, in the dashboard will be displayed all of these 2 or 3 documents? or only 1?

    Thank you so much eibi. So saved my work. God bless you.
    eibi likes this.
  2. lomer

    lomer New Member

    I tested all the things and everything seems to work well. The only issue was that in the dashboard -> Upcoming Events by Date -> Location if a employee had 2 different documents for 2 different location with the same date, the IF will display the same text "Multiple Licenses" for the License tab and for the Location tab.
    I've changed the CW column in "Calculation" to display "Multiple location" in Dashboard -> Upcoming Events by date -> Location and now everything is perfect.
    Once again, thank you very much for your help.
  3. mjazz

    mjazz New Member

    Hi Eibi, I am in a sim

    Hi Eibi, I am in a similar predicament, however, I am in need of just the performance reviews and expiration dates on two different certifications. I see that this thread is old, but it's been the most helpful I've found!!!!
    eibi likes this.
  4. SirJB7

    SirJB7 Excel R┼Źnin

    Hi, mjazz!

    Welcome to Chandoo forums!
    Checked this yet?

    You're posting in a very old thread (about a year and a half!). Please start a new thread and post a link to this old one if you think it might help.


    PS: Don't reply to this message. Thank you.
  5. eibi

    eibi Active Member

    Congratulations to @mjazz for the fortitude to read threads more than a year old in search of an answer.

    @SirJB7 -- Sir,

    I respectfully take exception to your reply; I appreciate users replying to the original thread so that I (and others) can see that this is a common need among Excel users.

    It also makes searching the site much easier, keeping all the related conversation in a single thread rather than scattering it in new threads every time the same topic arises.

    @r1c1 -- Mr Chandoo,

    I have been contacted repeatedly over the past year by forum members requesting help to develop a tool that tracks and alerts the user for expiration dates of licensures, training, etc. While I don't purport to have the best solution, I think it would be a worthwhile topic for one of your future blog posts. I think this thread will illustrate the need.

    All best.

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