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To remove duplicate words within a cell


Im trying to remove duplicate words within a cell. Even if the word repeats more than twice or thrice, etc., the output should be once. I have attached the result in green shaded in the sample file.

WS function or UDF is fine.

Please help me out.



Excel Rōnin
Hi, Ramanan Arumugam!
And what about removing the 2 "oo" from Goodlife or the 2 "tt" from Getty, or the 2 "u" from Untucked, and so on? Which is the criteria you'd use to differentiate those cases from GoodLifeGoodLife, for example?


Active Member
Hi Oldchippy,

We might have to tweak your formula a bit as this fails for the text like "GetGrandLookGetGrandLook".


I am looking for the same solution . . .

I have tried the solution by oldchippy. A spreadsheet showing the result is attached.

When there are dupes, it cuts off the last word and part of another. When there are no dupes, it shows #Value!, which is not a problem, since that column could be deleted, after correcting the dupes.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.



Excel Ninja
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