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The Bold Formula?


No real bold formula that I know of or a right to left merge, so have to do tricks which can do it. It should be doable and better in vba but this is a cheap way without VBA to do bold,italic,size,color,etc and change its things in a quick way.

If I try to explain people will say they don't get it so see attachment. If the first column changes, so if it is 1 then result is A, if it is 2 then result is B with bold/italic/etc. It uses 3 columns to do it (B,C,D).


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Luke M

Excel Ninja
No need for a macro...you can use conditional formatting now to set bold/italics/font color.

Harry0, I do like the trick though of using hidden columns with extra spacing. I can think of a few ways in my files that I can use this. :awesome: