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SWOT analysis bubble chart?


New Member
Hi, I want to make a cahrt in excel that visually shows the outcome of a SWOT analysis. I like the idea of using bubbles to express it in excel - but I'm struggling to translate it into an actual chart.

What I want to do is take 4 tables structured like the below information, and make the information appear in the correct quadrant of a matrix (which I can then label strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats using a text box) with the size of each bubble reflecting the weighting of the strength (the numbers in the right hand column below)

The main bit I'm struggling with is how to make sure they all end up in the right quadrant?


Table 1 Strengths

Strength 1 45

Strength 2 10

Strength 3 13

Table 2 Opportunities

Opp 1 12

Opp2 9

Opp3 7

Table 3 Weaknesses

Weak1 15

Weak2 6

Weak3 10

Table 4 Threats

Threat1 12

Threat2 11

Threat3 10

Any help massively appreciated!

If this is poorly explained - I want it to look like this:


Thank you for any help!!!


New Member
A bubble chart requires 3 values for each point: x, y and bubble size.

So you need to add x and y values.

The chart in the picture uses size/scale as x-values and relevance/probability as y-values. If you choose negative and positive values as is done in the chart, everything should end up in the correct quadrant.

So for example Strengths uses negative x-values and positive y-values