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Sunburst Chart - VBA Formatting


New Member
Hi all,

regarding the Sunburst Diagramm I've almost found zero support for it. It's fairly easy to create and set up but there is still barely any information on how to edit it.

My question: How do I connect the Sunburst Chart with an already existing table in which I need to visualise how a company is overall performing. I have about 15 regions with their own 2-6 sites. Each site has its own performance on the same 6 criteria. The performance is displayed with colours based on numbers from other tables which are combinde on the main table. The sunburst should just be the visual summary.
So how do I get the sunburst to format each field corresponding with a cell in the main table and auto-updates when I do changes in the main chart. Based on VBA or others.

My goal is to have 15 sunbursts with the single regions and in the sunburst of each region a visual representation based on different colours. At the moment I still have to do everything manually :(

Sorry if that's sounds a bit confusing and sorry for the english (not a native speaker).

I'm looking forward to the feedback!