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Summary Selective Data From Various File In One File


Understood Marcs,

But the data is given to me by my vendors as as dump. Now i am struggling it analyze the data.

Hence requested the help from all the persons here.

Let us see if some solution.

Thanks Again!



Just by copying your program in Post#18 and pasting in binary excel file will give me the result.

Just clarifying in case i am doing some mistake.


Marc L

Excel Ninja
First start with your post #13 attachment. Then try with post #16 or post #18, whatever …​
According to post #18 it should work only with its directions well followed.​
Once it works, delete the two source .xlsx workbooks then copy a small number of other source workbooks, let's say a maximum of five​
in order you should compare the result ant their contents.​
For each issue found, isolate the source workbook in a specific folder then try a new source workbooks set.​
At the end, you will have to analyse the workbooks in the specific folder, why they do not match your post #13 neither your explanation,​
if any logic / strategy can be applied for an automation. As a reminder : ♪ no logic, no code ♫ …​