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SUbtotals in Pivot table

HI Chandoo,
Forgive me to ask you such a silly adn simple question, but I cannot believe that i am unable to show subtotals in my Pivot table in the worksheet "Owner_Acc_Statement".
I have tried all the recommndations in all the You tube videos that i was able to find on the matter but I still cannot manage to do this.
Kindly let me know why is that they do not show up ( i mean the 'sub-totals' .
Many thanks and sorry about the silly question
Martin ( SA)


Thanks Chandoo,
In fact it looks like i did not explain myself correctly . What i meant was the 'totals' for the columns "Debits and credits' that i would like them to be shown in row 23. (Kindly look at my original file once again).
I do understand the issue of the footer, and you are 100% correct. I'd better use the 'footer' feature, so that if the pivot table becomes too long does not overwrite the 'fix' footer indeed. Thanks
Sorry that i was not clear from the beginning.
Many Thanks
Thanks so much Chandoo
I guess I get 'dizzy' at times, and i wasn't thinking straight.
indeed I understood now and i have fixed in my original copy
Thanks again
Kind regards