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SUbtotals in Pivot table

HI Chandoo,
Forgive me to ask you such a silly adn simple question, but I cannot believe that i am unable to show subtotals in my Pivot table in the worksheet "Owner_Acc_Statement".
I have tried all the recommndations in all the You tube videos that i was able to find on the matter but I still cannot manage to do this.
Kindly let me know why is that they do not show up ( i mean the 'sub-totals' .
Many thanks and sorry about the silly question
Martin ( SA)


  • CMA Realty Lease Program-COPY.xlsx
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You should use Footer-feature instead those fixed rows in 31...34.
otherways those would overwrite while using sub-totals.
You should left there enough rows for using sub-totals ( tested in this copy).


  • CMA Realty Lease Program-COPY.xlsx
    98.1 KB · Views: 1
Thanks Chandoo,
In fact it looks like i did not explain myself correctly . What i meant was the 'totals' for the columns "Debits and credits' that i would like them to be shown in row 23. (Kindly look at my original file once again).
I do understand the issue of the footer, and you are 100% correct. I'd better use the 'footer' feature, so that if the pivot table becomes too long does not overwrite the 'fix' footer indeed. Thanks
Sorry that i was not clear from the beginning.
Many Thanks
You were very clear about Your needs, but ...
If You asked/wrote about SubTotals and You thought about the 'totals' for the columns ...
... what would did You expect to get?
You had selected to show only Rows from PivotTable Fields .


  • CMA Realty Lease Program-COPY.xlsx
    97.7 KB · Views: 3
Thanks so much Chandoo
I guess I get 'dizzy' at times, and i wasn't thinking straight.
indeed I understood now and i have fixed in my original copy
Thanks again
Kind regards