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Slicers and Web page


I have a workbook with lot of slicers. If I saved this as a Web page, the slicer functionality ceases when the file opens in the Web Browser. Quick question: Is this doable (i.e. save spreadsheets with slicers in web format which then allows user to use slicers in the web browser in the same way as in Excel format (b) if so, how. I guess this will need advanced coding to modify the saved web pages. If so, possible for a novice baby like me who knows very very little of Excel and almost nothing about web pages? Happy to add file but my question is quite generic in nature, hence not added.


Excel Ninja
It's possible. But not as exported html format.

You have to utilize Excel Online. Save the file to OneDrive or some other supported web storage.
Then open the file using Excel Online. Slicer can be used.

Just make sure to set sharing policy to appropriate setting for others to use the spreadsheet.

If that's not an option. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to support slicer in html.