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Simple Lookup not working

Hi everyone, I knocked a simple Lookup but when I make selection in G11 I can get the correct answer and a error #N/A depending on my selection. I dont know why this is happening.

I tried also to format 3B-3E as a custom date which should display the year only. This is returning 1905? My reason for this particular format is I would like to get the lookup to only look for the current year. This would save me having to make aleration to the lookup formula in the future. I am not sure if lookup can handle this?

Any help would be most appreciated.



Excel Ninja
derek davis
Have You checked syntax for LOOKUP-function? It works if ...
The values in lookup_vector must be placed in ascending order: ..., -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, ..., A-Z, FALSE, TRUE;
otherwise, LOOKUP might not return the correct value. Uppercase and lowercase text are equivalent.