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Send Mail Using Different Account (Error 91 Object Variable or with block Variable not set)

Amol lad

New Member
My name is Amol.

i am trying to send some bulk mails using another profile in my outlook but i am getting an error like Error 91 Object Variable or with block Variable not set).

I am using outlook 2013 connected to Microsoft Exchange server in my office Pc.

Also added outlook library to my Vba.

Please check the attached file.

Please help me what to do is there any other code to do so.


Marc L

Excel Ninja
Hi !​
Restart from the blue banner before to log in or from​

Amol lad

New Member
Sub sendmail_from_Other_Account()

Dim ol As outlook.Application
Dim mi As outlook.MailItem

Set OutlookApp CreateObject ("Outlook.application")
Set AM = OutlookApp.CreateItem (0)

AM.Subject ="Test"
AM.To = "abc@gmail.com"
AM.Body = "Hi"

AM.SendusingAccount = ol.Session.Accounts ("Retailsalesmis@motilaloswal.com")

End Sub
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Amol lad

New Member

I have also tried the link which you have given but it gives me the same error message.

Got the code on youtube:-

I think this code will not work if i am connected to Microsoft Exchange Server.

Amol lad

New Member

i guess the issue is i am using Microsoft Exchange thats why its not working.

There is no difference in the code which i am using, The same code works with my home PC.


Excel Ninja
Amol lad
... then if You have to use Microsoft Exchange, You should work with Your home PC.
I won't even test to run it.
... and You didn't reply to my question.
I do not have more ideas - good luck.