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Scrolling question

Right click the Tab for SHEET1. Left click on VIEW CODE.

In the large white area on the right hand side, paste the following :

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Excel.Range)
    Dim MyPicture As Object
    Dim MyTop As Double
    Dim MyLeft As Double
    Dim BottomRightCell As Range
    '- bottom right cell
    With ActiveWindow.VisibleRange
        r = .Rows.Count
        c = .Columns.Count
        Set BottomRightCell = .Cells(r, c)
    End With
    '- position picture
    Set MyPicture = ActiveSheet.Pictures(1)
    MyTop = BottomRightCell.Top - MyPicture.Height - 5
    MyLeft = BottomRightCell.Left - MyPicture.Width - 5
    With MyPicture
        .Top = MyTop
        .Left = MyLeft
    End With
End Sub

Go back to SHEET1 and insert a .JPG image on the sheet.

Scroll the sheet down, left click anywhere.
Scroll again, left click anywhere.

Refer to attached example file.


  • Scrolling Pic.xlsb
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