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Screen recording software [SOLVED]



I'm looking for a good screen recording software, the kind you use to record tutorials. I read that Chandoo uses Camtasia, but I've looked it up and it's a paid application (even though it has a trial).

Does anyone know about a good/free-of-charge alternative?



Excel Ninja
Good day cacos

Try this link


Not really an Excel question post moved to the lounge where you can ask what ever you like.


Excel Rōnin
Hi, cacos!

If you google "screen recording software free" you'll find lots of links. Check these 2:



No warranty at all, I use Camtasia too, 8.1 version is great.



Excel Rōnin
Hi, cacos!

Both glad to help you, even if not an Excel question, but exceptions are welcome.


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allison rose

New Member
My Screen Recorder is an alternative to Camtasia. It is a feature packed and affordable screen recorder. It records all desktop activity smoothly to WMV and AVI files. Useful features include audio narrations using a microphone, a built-in media player and much more.


New Member
Hi, if you have Windows 10, you could try the built-in Game Bar. VLC can be used to record screen as well. OBS is free, but it's too complicated for me. Maybe you could give it a shot. I used many free screen capture before, but lately I found Screen Capture works best for me. Record videos in 1080p with no lag. It's paid but cost-effective.