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scrapping data from specific site

Marc L

Excel Ninja
As I can't guess and no much time these days …
Piloting IE can be a mess as a working procedure from a computer
may not work on another one.

See the web tutorials and try or you can afford a pro developer
or see any commercial service on some website (forums, freelance dev) …


I'd like to keep trying to myself with your advice on what to look on the Web.
I think I figured out how to put the links I pulled out of automatic. I've analyzed a different Macro for this.
I find it harder to understand how to combine the total number of pages in automatic for each state. That's why you can tell me what I should be looking for on the Web, I could finish it.
Then if Chihiro will give me the other guidance for the macro on the geographical coordinates I can end everything.
Thank you


Hi, Chihiro. Welcome back.
Could you explain better?
If you're referring to your macro, I ve done some tests using the addresses from Google Maps.
I have not understood whether the full address can be written instead of subdivided as in the other columns. I found another macro where i can insert the full address into a column or a telephone number or a website and automatic site exposes coordinates, but there is macro being blocked at 2500 extractions and can be used the next day (your de can extract 5000 at a time is better).


Excel Ninja
The difference is that one uses API (which is more reliable). Mine uses IE navigation for specific purpose. In case when exact match to address is found, google returns several options. Which generates different Current URL (which is used to get lat/long). You will need separate logic for those.

Web scraping is often very specific to each use case and generic code is difficult to write.


Why then the macro did not work by entering the exact route extrapolated from google maps?
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