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Running Total -Pivot Table

Hello There ,

I want to calculate running total of calculated field item.
e.g. - I have a weekly data set of target vs actual , I want to calculate the no of people meeting target.

from 2nd week onward calculation should be
% people meeting target for week1+ week 2 and so on

Total for 2 weeks
GroupEmpTargetAchieved% Meeting Target EmpTargetAchieved% Meeting Target
Group AX10990% X1718106%
Group AY811138% Y1820111%
Week2 Running Total- No of emp meeeting target
GroupEmpTargetAchieved% Meeting Target
Group AX79129% GroupWeek1Week2
Group AY10990% Group A50%100%
as only 1 emp meets the targetboth emp meets target for combined 2 weeks
Hi please post a sample sheet. Pictures or images are impossible to work with

Thanks , I got that sorted out, ran into a new problem now ,

How can I get the count of people meeting cumulative target.

I have the data set of employees with there weekly target and achievement, what I want to calculate is how many people met the target in week 1, and for week 2 ,target and achievement would be ,target of week1+week2 and achievement of week and 2 and so on..

I need the count of people meeting cumulative target .
I would really appreciate you assistance.

attaching new sample sheet for reference

Thanks ,


  • Sample.xlsx
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