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Roll Length Calculator

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I am new here
I found this on the internet, but I don't know anything about inches and feet.
What would be the metric formula (cm,cm,mm m)
see example


  • Roll Length Calculator.xlsx
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Thank you sir for helping sirn but you misunderstood me.
I want to enter outerdiameter in cm, corediameter in cm and tickness in mm or micron and then calculate the lenght in meter.
Metric only, not a conversion.
If the diameters are entered in centimetres , and the thickness in millimetres , the result in metres is given in the attached file.

Hello Sir,

I have stumbled across this post and wondering if you can help. There is a spreadsheet attached with a layout to achieve the same result as above, but I can't work out how to adjust the formulas to output the right result.

The goal is to enter 2 dimensions and have formulas spit out 3 results depending on the edge thickness. Outer diameter in A14, Inner diameter in B14 will give results based on the material thickness.


Thanks to anyone who can solve my problem.


  • Edge Roll Calculator.xlsx
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