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Relationships between tables might be needed


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I have the above message while I created all possible relationships. can any expert help me understanding the problem, reasons and how to correct.
I have also another thing, I created a calendar table and when I try to include field of year I found an extra row with a name of "blank"
I don't know why also I have it.

Thanks in advance for your help, excel file is attached below.



  • Screenshot 2022-09-21 105144.png
    Screenshot 2022-09-21 105144.png
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Best if you attach a workbook with these problems. You can desensitise the data as long as the 'problems' remain.
Hello, Thanks for offering help, The file size is big and I attach a download link below.
thanks so much
This isn't straightforward for me; I put the pivot table through Ken Pul's Monkey Tools' Pivot Sleuth and it reported a few problems, all to do with slicers: The problem ones were customer_country, education, gender, marital_status, occupation and yearly_income. The alerts were all on the lines of: field has no relationship path to, and cannot filter FoodMart_Returns_1997-1998[TotalReturn].
Removing those slicers eliminated the relationships between tables may be needed message, which I realise isn't useful!
So it looks like it might be to do with setting up the right set of relationships, which I haven't fathomed out yet but still looking at it when I can.

Just a note that I might need the source data because when I try to refresh the pivot I get a message that I have no access to folder D:/Old Labtop 2021\... etc. Perhaps you can include the csv files in a zip file here?

If you are doing a course (as the file path suggests) I'd be interested in how they say this should be resolved.